About us

Ultra Comfort inspires by a team of leading designers and manufacturers to bring to the market a group of pillows that can fit any patient’s needs post BBL Surgery. Because we design our products to meet the requirements for both support and comfort in order to maximize. And, he butt lift surgery results but still provide the customer with enough comfort to recover properly. 
All Ultra Comfort products created with extreme care. They might look simple on the outside, but Ultra Comfort products always feature a surprising wit. All products made with the highest quality of resources. In this way, they offer the best quality for your needs.

We offer comfort to our customers and security with these wonderful items, produced in detail. All products offered chosen with the highest standards and quality. You will find us responsive and considerate of your needs. Your satisfaction is very important to us. Many medical professionals rely on Relax The Back as a resource for the prevention and continued care of their patients. So we consider our success a reflection of the American consumer’s insistence on quality, service, and integrity.  Believe in Ultra Comfort products.

We are dedicated to helping our clients live healthier, happier lives through best in class ergonomic and wellness products. Our team is dedicated to you the customer every day of the week and we will provide excellent customer service and support. Please feel free to reach out to us by e-mail or call our phone number:

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